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September 2020


Reading helps to preserve the cognitive functions of people with Alzheimer's, that is why Diario El Universo decided to investigate and collect the most valuable memories of one of its oldest subscribers who suffers from this disease and turn them into news.

For a month, Dora received her Diario El Universo with a page completely dedicated to her life. We made her own story part of her Alzheimer's treatment.

Direct advertisement created by DDB, Ecuador for El Universo, within the categories: Media, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Paradais DDB, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Productora: Filmeikers
Casa De Audio: Alto Estudio
Cliente: Melissa Uscocovich
Cliente: Jennifer Icaza
Dgc: Agustín Febres-Cordero
Dpe: Ricardo Medina
Director Creativo: Tyto Garces
Creativo: José Reinoso
Creativo: Roberto Concha
Creativo: José Serrano
Director De Arte: Jonathan Muñoz
Director De Arte: Christian Contreras
Diseñador: Juan Sebastián Riaño
Diseñador: Richard Montenegro
Ejecutiva De Cuentas: Viviana Auricchio
Ejecutiva De Cuentas: Antonella Olivo
Ejecutiva De Cuentas: Gabriela Vaca
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