Domino's Wedding Registry

Agency Network: 
February 2017


Direct advertisement created by CP+B, United States for Domino’s, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: CP+B, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Ralph Watson
Executive Creative Director: Tony Calcao
Creative Directors: D'Arcy O'Neill, Kelly McCormick, Peter Knierim, Andrew Lincoln
Executive Creative Director: Matt Talbot
Associate Creative Directors: Marthon Pucci, Brian Caruso
Copywriter: Mariangela McMurray
Art Director: Mackenzie Gire
Sr. Designer: Victor Won
Digital Designers: Erin Chan, Chad Kirsebom
Executive Creative Director Technology: Joe Corr, Harold Jones
Technical Lead: Anthony Chavez
Executive Interactive Producers: Dan Corken, Stafford Bosak
Interactive Producer: Becca Manning
Account Directors: Jacqueline Redmond, Alex Guerri
Content Supervisor: Brittany Tangsrud
Content Manager: Sam Carolan
Experience Director: Rich Giuliani
Sr. Experience Director: David Clements
Business Affairs: Katherine Graham-Smith
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