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June 2008
CityMail:  Letter slot
CityMail Direct Ad -  Letter slot


CityMail is a new postal service in Denmark. By their 6th month on the Danish market, the company needed an event to show its flexibility and ability to mail anything as long as it fits through a letter slot. The target audience was 786 people in charge of direct mail and mass consignment budgets in CityMail's delivery area. The purpose was to build brand awareness and get new CityMail clients. The brief also encouraged unusual thinking in order to achieve media attention.

We rented a shop in Copenhagen and mailed a Swedish log hut to the address using CityMail's own letter carriers. A craftsman located inside the shop received beams, screws, paint and roof grass through the letter slot while building the hut. The building process was followed via webcam at CityMail's website. When built, we planned a reception party. 3 weeks before, we mailed "teaser" saws to the target audience. One week later we followed-up the mailing with invitations for the reception. One end of the beam was a response coupon that you needed the teaser-saw for to saw off the coupon.

During the campaign we had 970 unique visitors on the events website to see the building process movie, even though we only direct mailed the web address to 786 special chosen decision makers. The campaign increased CityMail's sales meetings and actual sales way beyond management's expectations. And best off all positioned CityMail as a serious and more flexible postal alternative for Denmark. Magnus Olin (Marketing Executive) and Jarle Trandokken (CEO) officially went public with a statement saying "We are without doubt working with the best agency in Denmark"

Direct advertisement created by Hjaltelin, Denmark for CityMail, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: HJALTELIN, STAHL & CO., Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director / Copywriter: Nicolai Stahl
Art Directors: Signe Skovgård Bahrt, Rune Petersen, Thorkild Bjerre Larsen, Mette Forum
Account Manager: Steffen Hjaltelin
Interactive Art Director: Martin Mohr
Developer: Kasper Bach
Director: Christian Bach, Capsize
Post-Production: Adam Hald, Capsize
Direct Strategy: Jens Peter Jensen
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peak900's picture

that's big!! they did it some years ago, hm?

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Neil Levy's picture

lovely idea. really, really great. the kind of thing i wish i'd thought of. i hope you get lots of great hardware for this because it's well executed at every point.
nice job,

Neil Levy
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neil levy

floydeepurple's picture

is it a 'long copy explaination day' today?

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Mindhunter: good lord, wtf how comes it takes a book to explain this....yawn yawn

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