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June 2010
Alzheimer's:  Eraser USB stick
Alzheimer's Direct Ad -  Eraser USB stick


Brief Explanation: Designed with a purpose for everyday use, these eraser/usbs are meant to serve as a constant reminder of Alzheimer’s New Zealand’s importance, as well as help New Zealanders realise how important our memories are, and how difficult life can be for those living with this disease.

Brief from the client: Design a memorable piece of communication that raises awareness of the disease’s early warning signs, like memory loss, as well as reminding everyday New Zealanders of the importance of Alzheimers New Zealand.

Final design: Actual working erasers were hollowed out and fitted with USB memory sticks. The message displayed on the top is: ‘Alzheimer’s erasers your memories. Save them.’ On the reverse side was the Alzheimer’s New Zealand logo and website. The place you can turn for more information and support.

Indication of how successful the outcome was in the market: Alzheimer’s New Zealand distributed these eraser/usbs amongst the public, sent them to various local organisations, as well as distributed them to local politicians, with a letter, in an attempt to raise awareness of the charity. They have received positive feedback and they’ll hopefully continue to leave people with some sort of understanding of what people with Alzheimer’s go through everyday, and where they could turn for more information and support.

Direct advertisement created by BBDO, New Zealand for Alzheimer's, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland, New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Nick Worthington
Art Director / Copywriter / Designer: Lisa Fedyszyn
Copywriter / Art Director: Jonathan McMahon
Account Manager: Stefanie Robertson
Planner: Hayley Pardoe
Agency Producer: Phil Newman
Designer: Phila Lagaluga
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dsklan's picture

this is....argh...i forgot...

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Manish Sharma's picture

Wow! What an Idea sirjee!

Manish Sharma
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Graphic Designer
Guest's picture

Very Nice...

Dzsoi's picture

It is weird, sounds like USB sticks would be the "solution" for Alzheimer disease - save your memories (before it gets you - that's all you can do?!). Are you promoting USB sticks or what?? Are you talking about saving MY memories, but you want me to support other ppl - call to action is just wrong. And why is the anti-eraser masked as an eraser? Because it looks cool. Oh, okay...

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paumarques's picture

bon gadget. idea senzilla, massa senzilla.

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Guest's picture

great concept. this would be sad to carry around though.

Guest's picture

Because 80 year old people carry around Macbook pro's wherever they go. They're hip and switched on like that.

Guest's picture

Yeah, cause they only work on MacBook Pro's, they really should have tried to reach a wider audience eh?

scamhandler's picture

‘Alzheimer’s erasers your memories. Save them.’ ?????
They should take away the 'r' in 'erasers'?
Alzheimers doesn't 'erasers' anything.

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Guest's picture

That's -
Alzheimer's Erasers l Your memories. Save them

lynnholilin's picture

this is one of those ideas where i just have to get up off my chair and give it a standing ovation. simple, effective, clear, well executed, just an all round brilliant concept :-)

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Lynn Ho
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Guest's picture

Good point on copy, scamhandler.

Still, it's a brilliant concept brought to life. Call to Action would have helped the advertiser.

Guest's picture

i think we should say how to cure alzheimer, rather than say, what to to if you have the illness

rolling.stone's picture


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~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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bijoyvp's picture

nice concept. Liked it

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Galo's picture

Sweet. With concepts like these it's easy to find a solution like that.

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Polishing Turds is My Job's picture

No call to action

Polishing Turds...
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Quietglover's picture

First sight seemed to be not so good, but w/ the explanation it's ok. Colenso is always doing nice works.

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keithstoeckeler's picture

Great idea. Hope the consistency of it is just like an eraser, that would seal the deal.

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angieraj's picture

Simple, Moving and Clear. Beautiful campaign with a strong message.

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Cognito Ergo Sum

Guest's picture

OK I get the idea and applaud the motive, but this hasn't been well executed. For a start how did an agency like Colenso let these get to production stage with an error like the erroneous 'r' in 'Alzheimers erasers memories' - that is a very basic mistake and simply should not have happened. What this does is make Alzheimers NZ look stupid or careless, not Colenso. They should all be rejected and the labelling done again.
Then there is the muddled message as evidenced by the postings so far on this page. Sorry - it could have been handled better, and should have been.

Guest's picture

That's -
Alzheimer's Erasers l Your memories. Save them

There's a break between the two. But no, it's not very clear, so that certainly could have been better executed.

nspad's picture

What your comment above is make YOU look stupid.

The 'erroeous' R that you speak of was intentional, because it makes the eraser look like it's an Alzheimer's brand eraser. So it not only plays off the nature of the disease, the eraser and the flash drive, but makes it look like an actual product.

It's a multilayered idea. Obviously too many layers for some to comprehend.

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Johi's picture

- Good job, I will never forget this -

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Guest's picture

What if you forget that the eraser is a memory stick :O :O DILEMMA

Guest's picture

To those commenting on the printing, my interpretation was:

Alzheimer's Erasers: Your memories, save them.

Guest's picture

amazing concept
does seem odd that it says erasers but its most likely supposed to be separated.
Alzheimer's Erasers / Your Memories. Save Them . the latter being the actual slogan

Guest's picture

This is a very powerful message on a tool that is absolutely designed for it! Congratulations!

dollypoppin's picture

I really, really like this concept. :)

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"Nihil sub sole novum"

LeroyChristian's picture

great idea

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Guest's picture

i cant give more than 4 to this print.

coz at first sight.. i thought its an ad for USB Drive... i was like wow nice USB Drive wud love to have it.

And then i read the copy, which made me look at the print from a different view.

USB? Alzheimer's? Eraser? Memory?

So many layers in this ad. kinda confusing! There wud have been some other way to project it.

I dont know abt this ad, but i really love'd this USB :)

Guest's picture

Is right. thats a beast.

Guest's picture

cool idea

velle's picture

ooo so very, very good -

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Janae's picture

good idea and nice realisation. i'm wondering, if the target group is able to use a computer and get more information
from the usb stick?

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murrey87's picture

Fantastic idea and very well executed. I would love to buy one of those :)

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Shiply on

Halley's picture

amazing ever!!!

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