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April 2017
ZocDoc: Patient-Powered Search
ZocDoc Digital Ad - Patient-Powered Search


Zocdoc is launching a new Patient-Powered Search feature out of beta and will start rolling it out to mobile platforms in addition to desktop this week. Instead of just telling people about this new tool, which helps you find a doctor using everyday language instead of medical terms, Zocdoc’s creative agency, Office of Baby, had an idea to make the product even better. 

Most physician search systems currently require patients to know exactly what they’re looking for—either the appropriate specialty for a given condition or the medical terminology to describe the condition or symptom. The new tool allows patients to describe symptoms, and Zocdoc’s new interface is able to translate colloquial language and symptoms, and even accounts for misspellings.

Office of baby created a microsite search tool where people can type in their symptoms:

The essence of this campaign focuses on the truths of everyone’s late night searches for symptoms, and asks people to help expand patient-powered search’s vocabulary, by contributing their own less-than- medical terms. Every description typed in the search bar, such as “tummy ache,” “menopaws,” “racing thoughts,” “bun in the over,” and even emojis, will be collected and added to Zocdoc’s search tool permanently.

Office of Baby’s also created GIFS that will launch this week via digital and social to drive people to their microsite.

This is a search tool that is truly powered by real people, so imagine the symptoms that stressed advertising agency people and reporters might search for—the 65th-revision headache, pain in chest from editor’s deadline, sleep-deprivation memory loss, reply-all panic attack. Sound familiar?

Digital advertisement created by Office of Baby, United States for ZocDoc, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Office of Baby, New York, USA
Account Director: Kelsey Shang
Creative Director: Michael Hagos
Executive Creative Directors: Nathan Frank, Paul Caiozzo
Producer: Connor Hall
Developer: Scott Leisawitz
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