Staying True To Yourself

February 2021


Yandex Go Ultima launched a new ad campaign about premium options that tailor each ride to fit user needs.

The idea of premium has long ceased to represent an exclusive world demanding conformity. Today, it's the privilege of being yourself and living in the moment. Now. Or later. With music. Or without. For yourself. Or someone else. Premium is the right to change your mind. Premium is always staying true to yourself. The campaign expresses these values by toying with the clichés of premium advertising, subtly parodying bombastic voice-overs, special music deliberately exalting the mood, and a cinematic style that switches gears as soon as philosophical abstractions coalesce into simple client needs and their equally simple solution. Because Ultima also stands for simplicity.

Production: Stereotactic
Marketing Specialist: Irina Egelskaya
Creative Director: Olga Veretinskaya
Senior Copywriter: Tatyana Kolotilova
Senior Art Director: Liliya Popovskaya
Producer: Daria Kosacheva
Director Duo: Gigi, Roy Ben Artzi
DoP: William Desena
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