Space Bonus

April 2019


Former USSR countries celebrate Cosmonautics Day on April 12th in honor of Yuri Gagarin’s first manned spaceflight. World of Tanks, the hugely popular fast-paced action game, took part in the festivities in 2019 by allowing gamers to interact with the International Space Station and its crew for unique in-game bonuses. Whenever the ISS orbited above their earthly time zones, which happens as much as 16 times per day, active players would earn special holiday goodies. Players were also able to speak directly with the ISS cosmonauts in an event livestreamed on YouTube and Twitch. This unprecedented stunt in gaming history achieved 1.58 million in-game participants, 760,000 bonuses earned and a 14% increase in game session length.

Advertising Agency: The Agency of Wargaming, Minsk, Belarus
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