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May 2013


Volkswagen used YouTube’s resources and technology, which are part of users’ everyday life, in a simple and straightforward way to show the difference its innovations make in people’s lives.

The film shows a man walking on the streets and inviting you to see how good it would be if the future could be predicted. For that all you need to do is place the mouse on YouTube’s play bar at the point he specifies. When that is done, you can see a frame of the film that hasn’t happened yet. In it we see a strange scene that has nothing to do with the rest: a biker in free fall. A few seconds later, he carries on walking and steps to the side. Then we see the biker from the frame fall right next to him and standing up very fast. He cleans the dust of his jacket. Our man ends by saying this is how Side Assist works: a feature that avoids accidents by showing other vehicles when they are in the side mirror’s blind spot.


Digital advertisement created by BBDO, Brazil for Volkswagen, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, Brazil
General Creative Director: Luiz Sanches
Creative Directors: Renato Simões, Bruno Prosperi
Co-Creative Directors Online: Luciana Haguiara, Sandro Rosa
Art Director: Sandro Rosa
Copywriter: Luciana Haguiara
Production Company: Dínamo
Sound Design: Cabaret
Director: Renato Jabuka
Agency Producers: Vera Jacinto, Rafael Motta, Charles Nobili
Account Services: Gustavo Burnier, Filipe Bartholomeu, Thiago Godoy, Vanessa Silva
Planners: Cintia Gonçalves, Sergio Katz
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