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August 2016


Digital advertisement created by Narrative_, United States for Visa, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: Narrative
Production Company: House of Narrative
Music/Sound Company: Royal T Room
Post Production Company: Spot Welders, Color Collective
Music/Sound Company: Pull
Group Strategy and Business Director: Sabina Khilnani
Chief Executive Officer: Tricia Clarke-Stone
Chief Creative Officer: Benjamin Vendramin
Director of Content Production: Aaron Royer
Producer: Stephen Wang
Developer: Stephen Krichten
Copywriters: Black Ice, Brandon Wellington
Producer: Alek Rost
Copywriters: Tyler Sharkey, Will Kelleher
Creatives: Alexandra Barberio, Johana Martinez, Chanae Reed
UX Designer: Katie Cullihan
Director: Gillian Laub
Director of Photography: Josh Perez
Editor: Eduardo Wong
Producer: Amanda Slamin
Colorist: Michael Howell
Mixer: Terressa Tate
Producer: Alek Rost
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