Selfies: Now With More Weed

April 2018


Viceland launched their second annual week long celebration of all things weed under the strategy of, Weed Week: Now with More Weed. A piece of their overall activation was a partnership with Snapchat, which rendered into an augmented reality experience allowing Snapchtters to have an endless supply of weed. Using the Snapchat's famed 'Flower Crown' lens as inspiration, Viceland was able to recreate the 'Flower Crown' with marijuana nugs. But the experience didn't stop with just the crown, when Snapchatter's opened their mouth an infinite amount of weed came pouring from behind the users. The week long activation drove awareness and tune-in intent for the Weed Week programming slate.

Entrant Company: Viceland
Production Company: Snapchat
Creative Director: Sammy Greenberg
Creative Coordinator: Kristen Leung
Account Executives: Maureen Donnelly , Emily Busi
Traffic Manager: Willis Zhao
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