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November 2014

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Digital advertisement created by FCB, United States for Verisign, within the category: Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: FCB, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford
Group Creative Director: Teddy Brown
Creative Director: Tyler Hattery
Associate Creative Director: Alison Hammer
Director of Broadcast Production: Chris Bing
Producer: Lara Hurnevich
Management Director: Hollie Platte
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niazasu's picture

The commercial is kind of clever but I feel it could have been done so much better. So as I understand it, the point of the ad is to illustrate that an idea can hit you out of nowhere and when it does, you should take action by turning that idea into a domain name and registering it right away. The idea hitting someone is illustrated by the cabbage literally hitting the person. That part is funny and clever. However, nothing else leading up to that point makes any sense. So the idea is chasing the person and he is running from it? Why? Are you saying that you shouldn’t run away from your idea? Because that’s what it looks like and if you’re running away from an idea, then it must have hit you already, otherwise there is nothing to run away from even though the ad shows the running away from an idea first even though it hasn’t hit him yet. Doesn’t make too much sense to me. I’d focus more on having the idea pop out of nowhere and hit him when he least expects it and make it funnier and more obnoxious so it’s more memorable but at least it’ll make more sense. Also, I didn’t understand if there is a specific website that you want me to register my domain with. Seeing this commercial makes me want to go to since that’s the most recognizable brand to register domains.

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