Climb 4 Corona

May 2020


Imagine there is a staircase up to the moon. How long would it take you to climb up 250,000 miles or 385,000 km alone? Well, together we can do this in just a few weeks. This is ‘# Climb for Corona.’ A global initiative to keep the world, fit, healthy and united whilst we are locked-down at home. In response to the UN’s Social Distancing brief, we want to create a social media challenge issued to the world. Climb 100 stairs at home. And share your films at #climbforcorona We’ll ask every climber to upload their videos, and on our website, we’ll scrape instagram, tiktok, and facebook to turn these clips into a never-ending film and art piece. It’s a project about community, fitness, and aiming for the stars. Or, the moon at the very least. It proves that when we can come together, humanity can accomplish anything. Even climbing the equivalent distance to the moon. Think of it like the ice-bucket challenge, but to fight covid-19. Climb for Corona is a project of Ridley Scott Associates, a global production company that will take this idea, and make it famous around the world. It's one small step for those in isolation, one giant leap for togetherness around the globe.

Production Company: Ridley Scott Associates
Director: Nick Livesey
Creative Director: Psembi Kinstan
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