Unicef World Cup Snapchat Lens

June 2018


Turning a lens into a challenge, we helped raise awareness for UNICEF’s World Cup campaign, ‘What Excites Us Unites Us’. With this campaign, UNICEF wants to celebrate how we all cheer in the same way and support the same 7 flag colours. We captured this message in a Snapchat lens challenging users to share their #LongestGoal. The longer you shout gooooaaaallll!!!, the longer the lens and its 7-colour animations last. The more effort you put into it, the more intense our soundtrack and animations will get. Once you’re out of breath, you can share your #LongestGoal to spread the word.

Advertising Agency: 180LA, Los Angeles, USA
Production Company / Entrant Company: MediaMonks / Netherlands
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but, really, it could've been more interesting than "get more colored strips" as you running out of air. Give us some real motivation here! I don't personally care for colored strips. Colored strips are largely irrelevant in my life, or anyone's life.

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