Ghost Recon Breakpoint

October 2019


On the occasion of the official release on October 4 of the new opus of the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon franchise: Breakpoint, Ubisoft and DDB reveal a new 4-minute immersive live action trailer directed by Vellas (Frenzy Paris). Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a military shooting game, solo or in cooperation, playing the survival card in a hostile environment where Ghosts and Wolves, a unit of former American soldiers made up of Ghosts who have become renegades and taken control of the mysterious Auroa Island, are opposed. The film "Surviving like a Ghost" plunges the viewer into the heart of the action. Their shot down helicopter, Nomad and Ghosts, wounded and without help, mercilessly chased into the heart of a primary forest by the Wolves and their drones will fight for their survival. "Survival is only the beginning. Cinematographic and engaging, the film depicts the survival instinct and strong emotions experienced by Ghosts who have gone from being hunters to being prey. An intense film in which the director's mastery is reflected in a powerful blend of aesthetics, action and emotion.

Advertising Agency: FRENZY, Paris, France
Director: Vellas
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