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October 2016


The Waste Factory tries to reduce this by collecting the remains of perfectly good food that would otherwise be thrown out. These remains are then turned into delicious soups. So tomato butts, beetroot caps, spinach stems and pumpkin cheeks get a second chance. There’s been a lot of attention about this revolution in the foodindustry the last year. Now the dust has settled we needed to crab the attention once again for the introduction of the soups in the supermarket.

To draw the attention to the introduction of the soup by The Waste Factory, the agency Fama Volat went beyond. They proved nothing is impossible when trying to prevent food from being wasted. Using the wasted vegetables, Fama Volat created veggy ink. This was used to print the packaging of all waste factory products. Yet another way to put wasted food to good use, and on the agenda again.

Digital advertisement created by Fama Volat, Netherlands for The Waste Factory, within the category: Food.

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