The Fake Boomers

October 2020


Baby boomers share 7 times more fake news than all the other generations. So to stop the spread of fake news during the 2020 election we started the fake boomers. A special kind of fake news designed to educate baby boomers by pranking them.

We created a platform on our website where anyone can put a picture of a baby boomer on a piece of fake news and share it on Facebook. When boomers click on them they will be redirected to our website where we will reveal it was a prank and teach them how to recognise the fake ones. So we are literally using fake news to educate boomers about fake news. And together we can make sure that fake news is not at the center of this election!

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Berlin, Germany
Copywriter: Sebastiao Assis
Art Director: Seine Kongruangkit
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