Deadly Combination

June 2018


Most people would consider cigarette smoking an adult choice. But the fact is that about 90% of smokers start before they turn 18 and they usually say “I’ll quit whenever I want,” but out of every four young smokers, only one will quit, and one of those remaining smokers will die from tobacco-related causes.
Our brand, THE FACTS NOW, is working to prevent young people in Florida from becoming addicted to tobacco. Most people don’t realize that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable disease and death. We focus on Florida teens and young adults who are at risk of using tobacco, a small, but diverse demographic that is difficult to reach and even harder to engage.

The goal? Spread awareness of the dangers of tobacco to young at-risk teens in Florida using a fun, playful Snap Lens, an extremely popular social media feature among THE FACTS NOW Gen Z audience, while maintaining a strong anti-tobacco message that doesn’t allow the audience to ridicule a serious topic.

The Snap Lens begins by turning the user’s head into cigarette butts and once triggered, transforms into a white human skull. The fact “Cigarette smoke has 7,000 chemicals. That's a deadly combination.” remains static throughout the Snap Lens to strengthen the anti-tobacco message with the creative.

THE FACTS NOW Snap Lens launched on June 5, 2018 and remains live. In just two weeks, the Snap Lens hit 1,854,013 impressions and had an average playtime of 9.2 seconds, surpassing industry benchmarks.

Holding Company: Interpublic Group
Production Company: Virtual Bird
Entrant Company: Golin
Advertiser Brand: Florida Department of Health
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not special at all.

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That's kinda cool! I don't mind it.

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