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June 2013


Termoplast is a brand specialized in sound proofing. The best way to prove its efficiency is to put the product on the test. Therefore, the main sales strategy is to invite users to test the windows in the Termoplast’s own stores. We develop a mac app to make the “Termoplast experience” more reachable to the public and potential clients. The app “Silencer” gives the opportunity to let people enjoy the benefits of the product, through an innovate digital experience: The webcam captures the movement of your hand. When you move it from right to left imitating the gesture you make when you close a real window, you modulate the volume coming from your computer, turning it up when you “open” the digital winder or down when you “close” it.

Download the app:

Digital advertisement created by Grey, Spain for Termoplast, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.

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Cool concept.

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But rather complicated. Takes time to find out about it, download, install and use.

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