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December 2017


Cleft condition is just a physical defect rather than a capability defect. However, it can result in prejudice, causing children to lose many opportunities from their birth. Celebrities donated their widely recognized faces by turning them into ones with cleft condition.

They bravely posted these imperfect portraits on social media platform and asked, “what if I were born with cleft condition?”

The campaign made an enormous splash on Tencent WeChat, the biggest social media platform in China.

For the first time, the disease got exposed to people on such a large scale, raising public awareness of it.

Digital advertisement created by Cheil, China for Tencent Foundation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Cheil, Beijing, China
Creative Directors: Jacky Lung, Wei Xu
Art Directors: Tengtao Yuan, Delong He, Hongting Wang, Lianting Qu, Yang Gang
Copywriters: Wei Xu, Han Zhao, Daniel Qu
Consultants: Yanyan Yang, Polly Chu, Murphy Chou
Producer: Lee Meng Chein
Photographer: Hui Tang
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