How hetero?

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December 2010
Stockholm Pride:  How hetero?
Stockholm Pride Digital Ad -  How hetero?


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In one of the previous parts of the How Hetero campaign, we created a test where you could analyze Spotify Playlists, in order to find out how hetero you are. All the playlists that the public tested, were savad in a database that soon reached more than 100.000 playlists, from 0 to 100% on the hetero scale. Then we thought, why not it around? We created a banner from which you could choose the “hetero level” on the music. We wanted to illustrate the fact that unwritten rules of how the society designate a “real” man or woman, can be disciminating to people with different sexuality preferences.

Digital advertisement created by Åkestam Holst, Sweden for Stockholm Pride, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Åkestam Holst, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Martin Cedergren
Copywriters: Kalle Åkestam, Monica Born, Joakim Labraaten
Art Directors: Yvan Archimbaud, Lars Baecklund
Account Director: Fredrik Widén
Account Manager: Bella Lagerquist
Web Producer: Ellinor Bjarnolf
Marketing Directors: Jessica W Sandberg, Claes Nyberg
Production Agency: Thomson Interactive
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Next..."How bored are you?"?

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Quite unscientific I must say, but surely it's fun and makes people talk.

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"Whose" hand, not "who's", but LOITrans filter off, this question remains: Ivan, was this sent to you, were the soundtracks used in ads on AOTW "judged" on this arbitrary scale of whatever? I see adsoftheworld in the screengrab: if this agency wants a fair blast at a reaction, better to put their case video up instead.

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Next..."How bored are you?"?

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