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December 2011
State Farm:  TextMeNot
State Farm Digital Ad -  TextMeNot


Simply tap the TextMeNot app when you begin driving to activate the red light. Whenever someone attempts to contact you they will receive an auto reply, along witha real time fact about distracted drivers. No need to look at your phone, keep your eyes where they belong, on the road.

Digital advertisement created by Miami Ad School, United States for State Farm, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: Miami Ad School, San Francisco, CA, USA
Art Director / Copywriter: Michael Dooley
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Andrej's picture

Don't know how it works in practice, but as an idea, I love it.

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simonds08's picture

sending facts about safe driving to my friends would be a turnoff for me... instead, it should say something along the lines of "sent as a courtesy of State Farm"

also "1013 deaths do to distracted drivers.." should be "1013 deaths DUE to distracted drivers..."

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andylefty's picture

Fucking genius.

A few simple amendments.

Keep the explanation as simple as possible.

The message should say something easy and personable such as 'I'm currently driving and will get back asap.'

I'd personally get rid of the deaths thing. Agree with above, its not something you want to read.

It's about changing behaviour and being functional.

Of course you can ignore all this advice. Creatives can't help latch onto a good idea. Well done!

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CrackerJackFlash's picture

Good job.

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stickynotes's picture

nice one!

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bigpunisher's picture

I agree with andy. Fucking genius. So simple. Such the kind of thing I imagine SateFarm wishes they'd thought of themselves.

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sirvan's picture

How about just not using your damned phone? At all?

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

Hawrys's picture

niice app!

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moteldemoka's picture

Hardly original. There's been similar apps like for quite some time (eg: ). A better solution than clicking on the app every time you drive is to have the motion sensor or the GPS to hold all messages if a movement beyond 5mph is detected. There's a couple of apps that do this exact thing already.

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fromdasouf's picture

@moteldemoka You seem to be mistaken. It looks like the purpose / focus was on the fact that this medium could be used to raise awareness about the dangers, not as a text blocker. Of course they exist, how could they not? I think as an awareness mechanism it serves a nice purpose.

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moteldemoka's picture

If you'd had followed my link you would have noticed that not only is this kind of app already in use but that the purpose/focus is exactly the same, to avoid people from texting and driving. Sticking a brand of an insurance company and having autoreply messages doesn't really make it different imho.

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