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June 2020
Сonnection: Living by touch
Сonnection Digital Ad - Living by touch


According to WHO, there is 1 deaf-blind person per every 10,000 people. Without a tutor, people with deafblindness who do not have relatives and friends are not able to use public transport and sometimes cannot even leave their homes. Because of this, many of them are forced to live apart from other people. To draw attention to their problems NGO “Сonnection” has asked RedMe, the first cause marketing agency in Russia, for help. We created an interactive educational game about living by touch. This game should allow everyone to understand the worldview of people with deafblindness.

To explain to a wide audience how the deaf-blind people perceive the world, we ourselves needed to understand the deaf-blind people perception model. Because of conducting a number of interviews with deaf-blind people and consulting with ophthalmologists, we found out that not all deaf-blind people have complete loss of vision. Many distinguish light, some of them see the contours, and some see the world through a “window” that has a diameter of a pencil. In addition, many deaf-blind people have a unique tactile perception of the world. So the concept of the first interactive game in Russia appeared in a way on behalf of a deaf-blind person.

Digital advertisement created by RedMe, Russia for Сonnection, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: RedMe, Russia
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