Johannes Heesters-Case

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June 2009


The entertainment legend Johannes Heesters is getting behind the wheel for Sixt AG, Germany’s leading car rental company and international provider of high-quality mobility services. In a new ad, “Jopie” Heesters, aged 104, shows off some breathtaking driving moves in a powerful Sixt convertible. The video advertises the wide-ranging mobility services offered by Sixt Leasing AG.
Heesters, a well-known singer and show star, thunders through the streets of Berlin with four cylinders raring under the bonnet – and a top hat for style – demonstrating spectacular braking manoeuvres, daring reversing and racy burnouts along the way. But he still remains true to his unmistakable style, clad in elegant evening wear throughout. 21 year old Gina Lisa aka “Germany’s Next Topmodel”, sporting a revealing leopard print dress, is also unable to resist Heesters’ charm. At the end of the ad both give a performance of Heesters’ classic folk hit “Ich brauche keine Millionen” with special new Sixt lyrics, and then speed away into the distance.

Digital advertisement created by Jung von Matt, Germany for Sixt, within the category: Professional Services.

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The Matthias Reim campaign was funny, new and original. This one is not, sorry guys.

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someone thought this was way funnier than it is. perhaps that person also wrote the atrocious copy below the video.

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bad post production - heesters moves look alike he takes part in an "elfyourself"_look_a_like contest

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you´re right - his head don`t match too the body - it is too big

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one should not take life so seriously - as one will not come out of it alive.

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Lo único impresionante aquí es el hecho de que el señor tiene 104 años y todavía anda "vivito y coleando."

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oh so bad...

post production sucks aswell

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Quite really.

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to bad to be true..

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i dunno, that tune is stuck in your head a lot more than a lot of other ads i bet
and by association to the song, the rental company will probly stick in there as well

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