Super Sanskari Saree

May 2019
Sayfty: Super Sanskari Saree
Sayfty Digital Ad - Super Sanskari Saree


After a video went viral in India, in which a woman told a group of young girls that they “deserved to be raped for wearing short dresses", we took a satirical take on the subject, a line of ultra-modest traditional clothing: Super Sanskari Sarees.

These Super Sanskari Sarees are made with anti-rape technology and, according to some Indians, will make women invisible to rapists. Protect yourself from prying eyes and unwelcome penises with this ultra-modest collection. Because when there’s nothing to see, there’s nothing to rape.

We partnered with Sayfty, an organization that aims to empower women against sexual abuse. The ‘price’ of each saree actually links to a fundraiser for Sayfty, to prevent rape in a manner that is realistic and not ridiculous.

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Art Directors: James Barkley, Miklas Manneke
Copywriters: Tanvi Tandon, Anish Easwar
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