February 2021
Reporters Without Borders: Truth Is Alive
Reporters Without Borders Digital Ad - Truth Is Alive


Every day Russian journalists face pressure from government. Criticism of the authorities leads to a manhunt, conflicts, and sometimes even murders. Fewer journalists are willing to risk their lives for investigating and broadcasting the truth. But you cannot punish someone who already passed away.

Reporters Without Borders is taking over for journalists who sacrificed their lives for the truth and turns their Facebook pages into media platforms free from persecution.

When a person dies, his / her Facebook password is passed away to the family. RWB partners up with relatives of killed journalists and turns their Facebook pages into a media platform free from censorship and pressure. With dozens of resurrected profiles, Russian journalists will be able to freely and safely express the truth that otherwise would be banned.

Digital advertisement created by MADS, Russia for Reporters Without Borders, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising School: MADS, Moscow, Russian Federation
Creative Strategist: Nataliia Dotsenko
Copywriter: Daniil Tkachenko
Copywriter: Nikita Lupulenko
Art Director: Mariia Borovskaya
Tutor: Nataliia Benivska
Tutor: Andrey Potekhin
Executive Tutor: Arina Avdeeva
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