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June 2017
Red Cross: Epic fail
Red Cross Digital Ad - Epic fail


Link to the site: https://shockingfails.com

Epic fail for Norwegian Red Cross

Would you know what to do when something suddenly goes wrong? Norwegian Red Cross and their agency Try put people to the test in their new first aid campaign. When Red Cross came to Try with the challenge to encourage Norwegians to learn first aid, Try chose a slightly untraditional solution. The team behind the film, Sara Marie Hødnebø and Caroline Riis, explain the insight behind the idea. "People tend to just assume they know enough. It's only when something actually goes wrong that they realise how little they know. By that time it might be too late." The solution was a fail video with a shocking twist. It starts by drawing the viewer in with some traditional funny fail-clips before suddenly taking a serious turn. The viewer is then confronted with a first aid test where the answers they give directly affects the outcome of the film.

The film was shared organically without Red Cross, and already the first day more than 100,000 people had taken the test. Over the next few days, it was shared in thousands on Facebook, and are now also receiving widespread international attention.

Digital advertisement created by TRY, Norway for Red Cross, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: TRY, Oslo, Norway
Art director: Sara Marie Hødnebø
Copywriter: Caroline Riis
Designer: Terje Johnsen
Project Manager: Mona Løkke
Consultant: Sven Jensen
Project Manager: Linda Tillier / APT
Developers: Thomas Lein, Anders Stalheim Øfsdahl
Director: Andrea Eckerbom / Tangrystan
Producer: Beate Tangre
Cut: Tormod Berge
Sound: Baard H. Ingebretsen​
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