TurBull Encabulator

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April 2013


Vanities: H/MU: Rebecca Hickey

Digital advertisement created by Rooster, United States for Red Bull, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Red Bull Creation 2013 kicks off the application phase with our very own version of the "TurBull Encabulator", our super simple, but extremely complicated, multi-function circuit board designed to give Makers a powerful tool in the creation of controllable LED lighting art and inventions. The Arduino-controllable board features a tri-axis accelerometer, temperature control sensor, as well as a 2nd generation reciprocating dingle arm (no, not really) in a Bulls and Sun shaped circuit board. Please enjoy this explanation and visit http: / redbullusa.com / creation for more information. Here's the original Turbo Encabulator
Advertising Agency / Production Company: //roosternewyork.com">Rooster, NY, USA</a>
Director: /creative/rob_gilbert">Rob Gilbert</a>
Executive Producers: /creative/the_brothers_eldridge">The Brothers Eldridge</a>
Producer: /creative/kaitlin_del_campo">Kaitlin Del Campo</a>
Production Manager: Jen Kessler
Copywriter: /creative/phil_matarese">Phil Matarese</a>
Intern PA: Emma Keating
Event Marketing Manager: Josh Greene
Reg. Coms. Specialist: Kerri Holt
Hero: Tyler Hanson
DP: /creative/rob_gilbert">Rob Gilbert</a>
2nd Camera: Robert Hobson
Art Director: Pedro Small
Art Director: /creative/conor_fay">Conor Fay</a>
Grip: Cassidy Parker Smith
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