The Prostate Czech, Branko

January 2012
Prostate Cancer Foundation:  The Prostate Czech, Branko



A Man. A Cause. A Finger. He moves like a heavy Central European fog: dense, mysterious, yet insistent.
It is whispered that he hails from Kladno, a proud Czech Republic city steeped in masculine traditions of steel mills and mining. Witnesses say he travels light, armed with latex gloves, a tracksuit, and very little patience. His methods? Unorthodox. His touch? Unforgiving. So contact your family doctor and get checked before you get Czeched.

Executive Director of Creative Technology: Matt Powell

Digital advertisement created by Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners, United States for Prostate Cancer Foundation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners New York, USA
Co-Chief Creative Officers: Ed Brojerdi, Izzy DeBellis
Copywriter: Ash Tavassoli
Art Director: Andreas Baumert
Director of Technical Production: Evan Kantor
Technical Producer: Lauren Bickers
Lead Developer: Ron DeSilva
Front End Developer: Scott Nash
Video Production Company: Circle Productions
Video Producer: Karen Tameanko
Video Director: Jeffrey Zablotny
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andylefty's picture

Punny and funny.

Activity Score 4535
Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
Hadrons's picture

Referring to the trailer:

I don't know how to begin the praises…

:: brilliant strategy, using humor to deflect this delicate and serious matter – a man's attitude towards his manhood and the fact it's one of the most deadly of the cancers which exist.

:: using pun for "check" and building a character that reflects all the fears behind the disease. The "what if"...

:: the eastern bloc font, the sign-off screen art, the presentation as a public awareness TV ad from the 70’s, and the music are right on.

:: logo – a smart use of the index finger as both describing the check (the procedure) as well as a warning sign, to get it attended.

:: the copy - hilarious - feels like Borat clips...

Well thought out and executed.
Over all - The best campaign I've seen for quite some time.

Activity Score 6064


andylefty's picture

Punny and funny.

Activity Score 4535
Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
RonVerse's picture

i went to the website and czecked out all the videos, they are hilarious! once you're on the website click the old tv at the bottom
funniest moment was when he goes up to the urinal and says to the guy on his left "I notice your stream is a little slow"

Activity Score 207
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