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September 2020


PocketBook launched the new mind-blowing commercial series, showing the magic of immersion into the plot of a book, blurring the borders between literary stories and real life. The new advertising campaign continues the "Inside your PocketBook" idea. We all love reading for the opportunity to escape from reality, to try on new roles.
In the new commercials, PocketBook reveals these specific user insights. We do not just read a book; we live a short life together with heroes, imagining ourselves “in their shoes”. This is exactly what unites reading lovers all over the world.
The campaign has just started on YouTube with two fascinating stories: “The Spy Granny” and “The Shocking Waltz”, - so different in style, but bringing the same idea of total involvement by a book plot.
“The Spy Granny” is a stunning spy-action with the main character on an important mission. Such a dramatic plot can be very dangerous – being swallowed up by the story, readers can find themselves right in the heart of the intense firefight! Then, perhaps, they will have to save the agent from the bad guys with guns. For those who prefer less risky entertainment, PocketBook invites you to dance “The Shocking Waltz” on the most luxurious ball of this season. Good news: readers shouldn't worry about the dress code. After all, a historical novel is supposed to be read in the comfort of your own home.

Digital advertisement created by Moon Studio, Switzerland for PocketBook, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: MOON Studio, Kiev, Ukraine
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