The Gallery of Emerging Species

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April 2018


2019 Clio Juror: Jean-François Bouchet

In 2016, for its 60th anniversary, Play-Doh had launched a new worldwide communication platform: "Open a can of imagination".

One year later, in France, the objective of the campaign was to remind everyone that modelling clay was still a wonderful way for kids to express themselves and develop their imagination.

Dozens of imaginary creatures, all hand-made then animated one by one, were showcased online in a funny kind of Natural History Museum: the Gallery of Emerging Species.

They came with lengthy descriptions about habitat, lifestyle, diet and temperament, all narrated in documentary style in both English and French. While kids will enjoy the strange and wonderful animals, adults can also enjoy puns and jokes that will go over the heads of little ones.

In a world where 1 animal species disappear every 20 minutes, the concept of "Emerging Species" was a way for Play-Doh to underline the incredible power of creation that modelling clay offers.

Digital advertisement created by DDB, France for Play-Doh, within the category: Gaming.

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