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November 2011



The new Peugeot RCZ is so unique, even Google Street View wanted to go for a ride. This website creates a custom stop motion animation of your route using Google Street View's imagery.

Digital advertisement created by Loducca, Brazil for Peugeot, within the category: Automotive.

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Great online campaign! It's a 10 for sure!

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Really good, but takes forever to load.

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Great idea! The novelty is sure to draw a lot of attention towards the RCZ..

Justin Evans
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Graphic Designer at REAL | E Media
chunkylover69's picture

is this a joke? after i put my streets in, i'm forced to watch all of the features of the car come up - which is fine, if at the end of it, the bloody thing would play. does it? no. only after all of those shots of the features of the car finish playing is when it begins to load. wtf!

it's actually still loading. it's been like 20 mins and i'm only at 22%.

when are we going to start making websites for consumers that actually work? and people wonder why interactive awards are a joke.

microsites are dead, people.

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Andrej's picture

"microsites are dead, people."

Too true.

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baaaaaddd ! how could you say it's cool guys? honestly, it doesn't sell the car at all, it too easy to put a bad photoshop execution of the inside of the car on google street image put together
what exactly did they do? nothing creative to me, and i don't know anything about the car so far
great waste of money, ideas and time
and apparently, based on what you said, it takes forever to load the website...

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kleenex's picture

not so great.

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It is a bit strange, that the link says: "rczview" while the view of the pictures was taken from about 2meters high. I wouldn't really like to see this in a real sportscar ...

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That's a google van driving not a sportscar. Good idea, good execution but not for this car.

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Have mixed feelings towards this.
At first thought it was totally bad ass but the final result is kinda weak.
Like someone said, bad Photoshop on top of google.
And by the sounds of it not working properly.

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celini's picture

Una gran idea, aunque la ejecución quizás podría ser mejor. En todo caso, una buena campaña online.

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it is in fact totaly boring. and more importantly it doesn't work.

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RCZ is a beautiful car. This is a good idea, but not for this car. I suppose they had already pitched it to 20 prospective clients.

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