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May 2020

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AMV BBDO created a bot in partnership with the research and development centre, the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, which answers users’ questions via the Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chat bot functionality. The partnership ensures Pet Health Pal is equipped with the latest information, in accordance with government-issued guidelines and pet wellness experts.

AMV BDDO worked closely with developers at Conversocial and the Mars client team, building a fully animated world to engage consumers and drive engagement through branded content in paid media.

Pet Health Pal is the first resource of its kind and topics covered include the effect of Covid-19 on pets; feeding cats and dogs; and animal wellbeing. As Mars accelerates its agenda on pet parent centricity, the bot is a great example of the brand providing value through utility by genuinely understanding what people need.

To access Pet Health Pal, pet owners can visit or, or go to the global Waltham Petcare Science Institute Facebook page for more information.

Digital advertisement created by BBDO, United Kingdom for Pet Health Pal, within the category: Pets.

Advertising Agency: AMV BBDO, UK
Account management: Carmen Vasile, Matt Henry
Strategy: Brian Williamson
Creatives: Mat Scholes, Piet Rossouw, Neil Clarke, Jay Phillips 
Production: Adrienn Major 
Design: Rhiannon Black
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