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November 2011
Pedigree:  Dog talk
Pedigree Digital Ad -  Dog talk


Digital advertisement created by Miami Ad School, United States for Pedigree, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Art Director: Arvindh Lochan
Copywriter: John Nash
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ABBI89's picture

Ha ha ha! thats Funny!

Activity Score 17
Art Director at Miami
mralanjones's picture

You're the only one that thinks that. And please don't rate your own work.

Activity Score 257
Copywriter at Stanley St
drkstr17's picture

Wow, it's truly amazing that poor grammar can dumb down an idea and convince you a 12 year old made this.

Activity Score 67
Copywriter at Miami Ad School
andylefty's picture

ABBI89, are you laughing at your own ad? :S

Agreed, surely this could have been spell-checked before being submitted to thousands of viewers. Bizaare!

Idea is not bad, seems reliant upon uninvented technology which makes me a bit skeptical but if it existed, I'd use it!

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Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
stickynotes's picture

not impressed with miami ad school lately

Activity Score 1094
arthor's picture

is Miami Ad School paying AOTW to put this bullshit on the front page? I really want to see what the rest of the program is doing if this garbage makes it to front page.

Activity Score 513
mralanjones's picture

This should be in the forum along with all the half baked student work.

Activity Score 257
Copywriter at Stanley St
lahaff's picture

Come on guys! The reflection under the iPhone with language and the dog's name! That's inexcusable.

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MK-tessa's picture

SO FUNNY - I was thinking the same thing. How sad.

Activity Score 216
Art Director at student
JakeDaynes's picture


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Marketing Manager at Diamond Delivery
MK-tessa's picture

Fun idea but I really can't take this seriously when it is executed like that.

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Art Director at student
DBB's picture

definitely belongs in the forum, and this is where all Miami ad school works should go.
it's not fair to upload an idea which didn't go through production or the client and present it here, where the best minds in the world spend weeks and months fighting to get things out.

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Andrej's picture


Yep, that's funny.

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Oriem's picture

WTF is this, this web should be called Miami shit of the world!! with this policity you are losing all your credibility guys, it´s up to you...

Activity Score 84
Copywriter at Dilivia
Jackbr's picture

Only funny.

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Art diretor |


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