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April 2018


According to new data released by Eurostat, the statistics agency of the EU, Germany has the widest pay gap in Western Europe: 22%. The subject is not entirely unknown, but almost nobody is paying attention anymore. A new angle was needed to restart the conversation about this important topic.

The film shows various male characters performing different activities using their genitals. A chef uses his penis to spin some pizza dough, a musician uses his to record music in a studio, a pilot controls the yoke of his helicopter with it, a manager uses it as a presentation pointer, a judge announces a verdict using his as a gavel, a surgeon slaps a glove on his, as he prepares to start surgery, a writer dips his in ink, an astronaut uses it for short-distance propulsion and a baseball player uses his as a lucky bat. Obviously, all of them humorously fail in their endeavours.

To let the message shine through, we used the same brutal simplicity in the style of our animation. The lines are very roughly sketched, imperfect, creating an edgy contemporary aesthetic, favoured by a younger audience. The quirky style perfectly matches the whimsical original track composed for the film. The sketched abstract style also allowed us to explicitly show the male genitalia for humorous effect, so that even the most prude viewers would have a laugh and share it with friends, rather than be offended.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany
Production Company: DELI Creative Collective
Music / Sound Company: 2WEI Music
Executive Creative Director: Till Eckel
Creative Directors: Till Eckel, Mihai Gongu
Art Director: Peter Schönherr
Copywriters: Julia Lackermayer, Aline Mathieu
Junior Art Director / Illustrator: Greta Attinger
Project Managers: Helena Schilke, Verena Schoebb
Art Buying: Davor Brkan
Head of TV: Matthias van de Sand
Managements: Nadine Müller, Lisa Teicher, Julia Backhaus
Digital Director: Michael Reissinger
Producer: Heike Wurch
Motion Graphics: Jörn Lindner, Henrik von der Lieth, Darius Dettlaff, Gergana Gergova, Timo Belitz, Bernd Hildebrandt
Composers: Simon Heeger, Christian Vorländer
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OMG!!! Loved it.

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