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March 2011


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Ideaworks today launches the first phase of a five-year plan to help Australians improve their Plant/Life Balance. We’re all familiar with the idea of improving our Work/Life balance. Well, it turns out that improving our Plant/Life balance can also have beneficial effects on our health and wellbeing. Scientific studies have proved that exposure to plant life can improve our air quality, lessen our stress levels, and reduce background noise. The campaign is designed to stimulate the growth of the $6.5 billion gardening and nursery business in Australia. This first part of the five-year campaign, on behalf of the Nursery & Garden Industry Association, will see the distribution of 20,000 pot plants to office workers in capital cities across the country, calling for Australians to ‘Put A Plant On Your Desk’. Each plant will invite its new owner to join the ‘Put A Plant On Your Desk’ app, the most ambitious Facebook app in Australia to date. And those unlucky enough not to be given a plant on the day, can easily join in the fun. Over the next twelve weeks, the app users can give their plants a name, share pix, dress them up, take them out to lunch (yes!), win amazing prizes and find out lots of cool facts about their very own plant … and tips on how to look after it. And for those who don’t have already have a plant, a Plant Matcher will identify your ideal plant partner!

Digital advertisement created by Ideaworks, Australia for Nursery & Garden Industry Association, within the category: Industrial, Agriculture.

Advertising Agency: Ideaworks, Australia
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You obviously never worked in a cubicle before. Desk plant are a kind of cult. It's a frequent topic of discussion and it's like an escape for office workers. This campaign is built on a very strong insight.

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I agree. Just today 2 of my Facebook friends posted pictures about their plants in the office.

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People post all kinds of (lame) pics on Facebook.


I didn't know that desk plants were a kind of cult. And when I said stupid, I didn't mean the act of having a desk plant. Just the act of decorating it (putting a pirate hat on it?), and then posting pics of it on the web. Sorry, that's just my opinion.

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I agree. This might be the dumbist thing I've seen all day. (Although I have yet to log into facebook, so that may change.)

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There's a problem with the voiceover which is imposing and overselling. Having said that, a great campaign to pass a strong message. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I don't have a 'cubicle' :-)

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Ho hum. The idea of having a plant is nice. But these blokes didn't take it anywhere interesting.

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