To Escape the Curse, Dentsu Brasil and Cup Noodles Modifies Campaign

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October 2019


Cup Noodles®, instant noodle brand by Nissin, is celebrating 27 years of Brazil and the party's stage will be Rock in Rio! To talk about the strong relationship of the product with the world of music, Dentsu Brazil created an unexpected campaign full of humor and allusions to number 27. However, Nissin cannot ignore the warnings that using 27 in the context of Rock is not a good idea. The number in question is said to be to the world of music just as 13 is to popular belief: GIVE IT BAD LUCK! Say Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse, some of the “participants” of the famous Club of 27, icons of world music who turned 27 at the age of 27, that become stars on the stages of eternity. To remove any curse and not to link the name of the festival to these facts, the brand decided to play with the reference and redesign the entire campaign. In the narrative, the campaign airs, and after comments on social networks about the history of number 27, Nissin decides to remake the entire content. Thus, the pieces that would already be finished undergo adaptations “hastily” and receive stripes and “patches” with the said number changed to 26 + 1.

Digital advertisement created by Dentsu, Brazil for Nissin, within the category: Food.

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