“Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” x au 5G Unlimited Reality

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April 2020



The campaign - titled “Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045” x au 5G Unlimited Reality – transforms Shibuya into a futuristic entertainment showcase with mixed reality content with the help of Netflix’s original anime series - Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045. Based on the hugely popular 1980s Japanese manga series ‘Ghost in the Shell’ by Shirow Masamune, the mixed reality content uses famous Shibuya monuments to bring to life both the characters and plotlines of the series to demonstrate the power and speed of 5G.

Digital advertisement created by Ogilvy, Japan for Netflix, within the categories: Electronics, Technology, Movies, Public Interest, NGO.


KDDI’s au 5G partners with Netflix to transform Shibuya into a mixed reality entertainment showcase.

Advertising Agency: Geometry + Ogilvy, Tokyo, Japan
Production: A4a
Production: Concept Conception
Production: Bassdrum
Production: Tohjak
Production: Psychic VR Lab
Animation Production: Production I.G
Chief Creative Officer: Doug Schiff
Creative Director: Yasushi Arikawa
Art Director: Hiroyuki Furuta
Designer: Iori Hayakawa
Copy Writer: Wataru Miyahara
Account Director: Tadao Ieda
Account Director: Takuya Murakami
Senior Account Executive: Sayumi Taniya
Digital Producer: Ikko Nakata
Activation Director: Junya Takahashi
Activation Producer: Takehiro Shishido
Activation Producer: Takehito Hikida
Art Director: Seishi Ono / Concept Conception
Contents Director: Atsunori Toshi / A4A
Producer: Satoshi Kuno / CLIVER
Designer: Naoyuki Tamura / Concept Conception
Designer: Yudai Suzuki / Concept Conception
General Manager: Sean Palmer
Ceo: Ichiro Ota
Chief Strategy Officer: Gareth Ellen
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