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February 2021


Monobank is the first bankless bank in Ukraine. Today it has over 3.3 million customers. And every third person joined them via their referral program. Despite these good numbers, the program was quite standard: you send a referral link to a friend, they download the application, and you both receive a bonus. But the thing is that monobank is not your standard faceless bank. Mono has plenty of personality and it constantly tries to make your banking experience as smooth and fun as possible. So, the question arose: how can we add personality to such a mundane thing like referral program?

The idea was to give each monobank client a chance to effortlessly invite their friends in person. And the main task was to turn the tedious process of sending and receiving a referral link into fun one would want to share. And this idea came to life with the help of face swap technology by Reface App. This is an application that allows users to add their face to popular videos and gifs. Reface is the first Ukrainian AI-application to top the US AppStore.

First, we partnered with and shot an ironic video invitation with an actor and an actress. When users send a referral link, they will be able to create a personalized invitation based on this video. To do this, one has to simply add their photo and choose gender. Then the algorithm by Reface will change the actor's face into the user's face. That’s how monobank made three million personalized invitations for each of their clients.

Digital advertisement created by Banda, Ukraine for Monobank, within the category: Finance.

Advertising Agency: Banda, Kyiv, Ukraine
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