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September 2016


10th anniversary celebrating & empowering women through 10 statements. Monki is owned by H&M and is a global fashion brand for women.

#Monkifesto is a value-driven campaign empowering women all over the planet. This is a bold and important campaign containing 10 statements delivered by 10 brilliant and edgy women – Kiran Gandhi, Karley Sciortino, Rita Popova and many more. It's OK to masturbate (we all do it). It should be ok to be gay or transgender. It´s NORMAL (painful and messy) to have your period. It´s OK to be a drama queen. The campaign boosts Monki's target audience to believe in themselves and to go their own way. Our deliverables contain communication concept, creative direction in collaboration with Monki and photo and film production.

We took the content; the ambassadors and the statements and made them the actual visual language for the campaign. Creating all the set design and typography by hand on banners, flags, and signs.

Digital advertisement created by Snask, Sweden for Monki, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Snask, Stockholm, Sweden
Creative Director: Fredrik Öst
Art Director: Magdalena Czarnecki
Copywriter: Alexandra Arvidsson
Photography: Arvida Byström
Makeup / Hair: Viktoria Sörensdotter
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