Master Kong Campaign

May 2010


Check out the actual viral teaser and resolution video as well.

The Challenge: Mindscapes, a small company based in Tel Aviv, offers creativity enhancement training for advertising agencies around the world. Due to the recession, training budgets were cut by 70%. We needed more agencies to know about Mindscapes.

The idea: Create a mysterious guru who has developed a new method with incredibly quick results of increasing one's creativity. Create a TV reportage about Kong's achievements and upload it to you tube. Create a website for the master. A ' journalist' sends e-mails to heads of ad agencies, wishing to interview them about their experience of training their staff with Master Kong, with 'just in case' links to the TV reportage and to Kong's website. Launch a Facebook group promoting a petition demanding that juries of ad festivals ban work made under the 'Kong effect' under the pretext of "unfair competition"… 2 weeks later, she e-mails them link to the clip- revealing the truth about the master.

Results: The story was mentioned in numerous advertising blogs. 60% increase in demand for new projects 50% increase in new projects in Q2 290% ROI (2.5 euro of new income for every 1 euro invested in the campaign) and counting.

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I think the team who made this might need a few more Mindscape sessions ;-).

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Well, I think results speak for themselves...

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Yep. I agree.

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Apart from the fact "challange" is actually spelled "challenge", I don't think any credible ECD would ever use this as it defeats his purpose...


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Really really really boring campaign. I guess boring works too sometimes.

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