June 2018


As MGM Resorts set out to reposition the brand from a Hospitality and Gaming Company to a Global Entertainment brand, the “Welcome to the Show” campaign was born. The campaign compellingly illustrates and establishes MGM Resorts as a leading global entertainment company, showcasing the infusion of entertainment and excitement within every guest experience. From award-winning performances to immersive dining, enchanting nightlife, one-of-a-kind retail, and so much more––they set out to prove there’s no shortage of experiences to be had in Vegas.

The Snapchat Face and World Lens served as an integral part in conveying this message as part of the “Welcome to the Show” campaign. The Lens allowed users to experience driving down the Vegas strip from anywhere in the world, using both a Face and World Lens to capture the experience holistically. Upon opting in, users could experience both how they would look driving down the strip in a limo along with what they would see from inside the limo. Ultimately, the immersive experience helped to entice and inform users of the experience that awaited them at MGM Resorts in Vegas.

Advertising Agency: McCann, USA
Production Company: Snapchat
Entrant Company: HYFN
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