People who cannot go home, 3

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November 2014

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Digital advertisement created by Dentsu, China for Lenovo, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Beijing, China
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This is so boring I fast forwarded to the end and still didn't like it.

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Art Director at TBWA |

I'm gonna try say something positive

damnson's picture

I didn't even feel any urge to fast forward it.

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An axe murderer of ads.

kleenex's picture

All three are long. Why were they produced??

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lolascestlavie's picture

I see a great cultural difference here. I'm Chinese and I think this commercial is touching. Its not the best, but it does have some thing special in them. I don't think it's too long, I think the length is to build up viewer's emotions. I don't think the stories in these ads are any relevant with western culture, but I think it works well in China. It reflects upon the reality in China in a few ways: the reality that some people are poor can't afford to go back home during holidays, the reality that Chinese people express love differently, a lot of things they don't say it out to their parents.

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too long.

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I am also Chinese and i very very very very very ......... like this ad. It really is a big cultural difference

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Creative Director at McCann Taiwan
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