Langue de But

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June 2018


For the World Cup, Publicis.Sapient created THE ultimate kit to trash talk your friends while watching the game: Langue de But a pack of stickers with a sharp tongue. Every sticker references a well know quotes, memes and jokes about French football.

As the international football star Ben Arfa says, trash talking is football as we see it in a school yard. This is the essence of the game and the football we love, with small provocations, laughter, fun and entertainment.

“Vous êtes un salaud Monsieur l’arbitre”, “La Routourne va tourner”, “Bande de chèvres”, etc… discover our stickers collection inspired by the world of Les Bleus, the French national team. Use it, abuse it, talk to your friends and remember that without room, football is nothing.

The sticker collection for iOS is available here:

While, all the gifs are also available here:

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