Working like a machine?

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January 2009
Kit Kat:  Working like a machine?
Kit Kat Digital Ad -  Working like a machine?


Digital advertisement created by Skive, United Kingdom for Kit Kat, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

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CGilb09's picture

Took too long to load when I clicked on things. If anything it made me annoyed with Kit Kat.

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Johnny Ringo's picture

Ties in brilliantly with the offline campaigns and TV adverts, some great little breaktime games too, especially like the fastest finger first, though I always seem to lose. Have not won owt yet, though did get a pretty tastey screensaver.

Johnny Ringo
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spongegirl's picture

I just love this site, and the little secret touches are brillant - see what happens when you click on the robin red breast!

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mark3r's picture

Yeah a big red server error... Looks like the site is down. =/

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