The Incredible 3,50

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October 2012


2 films, 10 different finals and a advertising boy that is one of the biggest stars in world football. All of that in just one place: The Incredible Kibon's Video Machine. For divulge the most selling icecream of Brazil, Tablito, we create a Youtube Brandchannel with a resource never seen before: Two players that, side by side, show situations which complement each other. But with one little detail that makes all the difference: Whenever someone push the machine's lever, they saw a new final of the history. Just follow the link:

Digital advertisement created by, Brazil for Kibon, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency:, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Rodolfo Barreto
Art Directors: Daniel Schiavon, Carlos Pimenta, Leandro Bordoni
Copywriter: David Levy
3D / Motion: Wesley Martins Silva
Account Maneger: Camila Costa, Juliana Possato e Marília Lazarin
Planners: Fernando Diniz, Luiz Felipe barros, Caio Queiroz, Vera Lima e Ana Carolina Rocha
Project Manager: Alexandra Gomes, Karen Hada e Mariana Gilioli
Production: Teteu Savioli e Vivian Amodio
Media: Camilo Otto, Carolina Lemos e Marina Bastos
Film Production: Delibistrot Films
Film Direction: Cláudio Cinelli
Graphics: PixPos
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