Runs to the Moon

March 2011


Brief: Rebrand Kenya.

Solution: Based on Kenya’s running pride and history we are branding Kenya as *The worlds greatest running nation*.

Concept: Run to the Moon.
Kenya will create history by being the first country in the world that runs to the moon. Then Kenya will invite the rest of the world to recreate the journey by running to the moon virtually.

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Dude wat?

Branding a country for a sense of unity? What does the moon have to do with anything you say? How are you gonna count it all? So basically you will unite the tribes that have been fighting each other for a bazillion years with a moon marathon?

Do some research apart from wiki: "Most medals at Olympics."

And what is this, humanitarian? patriotism boost? sports boost? interest in space boost?

Just fluff, no thought.

Also Ethiopia kicks Kenyan ass any day of the week, running-wise.

"My client is Kenya!" ... go back to ad school.

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Copywriter |

Quite really.

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It's beautifully executed, but sadly it would do nothing to boost tourism. So it's all money wasted, imo.

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I agree with the above. It's a nice campaign but won't bring any results besides self pride, which isn't that bad, but not enough.

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"Darling, I heard that Kenya have pretty good long-distance runners. Let's visit there and see some athletes."

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