Kah Ra Shin

July 2007
 Kah Ra Shin
 Kah Ra Shin


Check out the promo site: http://kahrashin.com/

Advertising Agency: W+K Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Executive Creative Directors: Al Moseley, John Norman
Creative Directors: Joakim Borgstrom, Paul Stechschulte, Eric Quennoy
Art Director: Joseph Ernst
Copywriter: Mike Farr
Designer: Luis Pena
Agency programmer / Designer: Nacho Guijarro
Producer: Olivier Klonhammer
Interactive Producer: Elisa Carson
Executive Producer: Tom Dunlap
Accounts: Hazelle Griffin, Jesse Long, Nick Howe, Kate Parsley
Production Company: USSR Amsterdam
Creatives: Jelani Isaacs, Matthijs Horsman, Marko van Kampen
Director: Ivan
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Highest Rated

hill bill's picture

Why bother?

hill bill
back2b's picture

aesthetically pleasing but the contents I find annoying.
They are trying to be funny here but I don't think it is...
But maybe I am just not their target group...

What's the product anyway - a racing game or what? Where is the connection?

Activity Score 191
instinctive traveller's picture

racing game! you have gone through the contents and found out that kah ra shin is a racing game! pity! i feel like a long guttural scream, if you'll excuse me... http://upthechimney.blogspot.com

instinctive tra...
Activity Score 149
hill bill's picture

Why bother?

hill bill
drew peacock's picture

nice site. acting lets it down a bit though. trying a bit too hard to be funny in my humble opinion

drew peacock
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