December 2014
Jupiter Ascending / Warner:  Caine's Quest
Jupiter Ascending Digital Ad -  Caine's Quest


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For the premiere of Jupiter Ascending, Warner Bros. Pictures partnered with Thinkingbox to produce an innovative WebGL experience to support the film’s release. With a storyline that depicts an extraterrestrial battle for the universe and an unsuspecting hero stepping up to save humankind from its imminent demise, the film is a stunningly ambitious space adventure in the truest sense. By utilizing cutting-edge technology in a novel way, we created a web-based console-inspired game unlike anything else on the market. The game’s objective is to give users a chance to explore the world of Jupiter Ascending and join the fight to save Earth. Following the narrative of the film, players interact as the main protagonist, Caine Wise, fighting a variety of ruthless enemies to save Jupiter Jones from the clutches of the Abrasax dynasty. The game concludes in dramatic fashion with the explosive rescue of Jupiter from the vicious Sargorn.

Digital Production House: Thinkingbox
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