Lounger Games

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April 2015


Digital advertisement created by FCB, United States for Joe Boxer, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: FCB, Chicago, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford
Executive Creative Director: Dan Fietsam
Creative Director: Michael Shirley
Creatives: Thiago Cruz, Bruno Guimaraes, Gustavo Dorietto, Gabriel Schmitt
Designer: Matthaeus Frost, Jordan Sparrow
Copywriter: Matt Everts
Executive Producer: John Bleeden
Group Management Director: Kelly Graves
Management Director: Brooke Ward
Account Executive: Darian Weaver
Director of Production Operations: Julie Regimand
Director of Digital Development: Ben Murphy
Tech Lead: John Skibicki
Associate Director of Technology: Clint Ruch
Director of Broadcast Production: Chris Bing
Senior Producer: Chris Wickman
Production Company: Optimus
Director: Tim Mason
Corporate Communications: Jennifer Comiteau
Corporate Communications Manager: Stephanie Sipe
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halaby87's picture

Haha not bad

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elmarianchi's picture

too good. but if i watch it all, i'll be fired

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it's OK to have an opinion

kleenex's picture

Oh I agree.... I wanted the full contest though. That was a full hour of edge of your seat action with the best commentary duo ever. From the second remote to the bathroom break, that was the must see event of 2015.

I wanted to know who won.

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damnson's picture

Not a bad idea at all.

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An axe murderer of ads.

Arkadiusz's picture

more than an hour?!? wow! that's brave :)

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shits n giggles

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nvalentine's picture

I thought this was a great piece for Joe Boxer. I did not watch the whole thing but I did skim throughout the video. Being over an hour long I don’t think Joe Boxer actually expects a lot of people to watch the entire thing. I think that filming the “Lounger Games” for that amount of time shows people they were serious about this idea for an ad and I think a lot of people got a laugh out of it and respected the work involved. They didn’t use obvious product placement technique (although they do still show the product) but did copy the style of many famous sporting events by labeling the whole competition as the ‘Joe Boxer Lounger Games’. I like that besides catching attention for doing something different, they can build off this campaign and keep it going with other advertising mediums.

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