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April 2018


Digital advertisement created by MSCHF, United States for Jersey Shore Family Vacation, within the categories: Media, TV Promos.

Interactive Agency: MSCHF
Chief Marketing Officer: Jacqueline Parkes
SVP, Consumer Marketing: Kate Keough
SVP, Brand Creative: Thomas Berger
SVP, Brand Creative & Operations: Amy Campbell
SVP, Brand Creative: Justin Russell
VP, Brand Creative & Events: Joyeux Noel
VP, Digital Marketing and Social Engagement: Tyler Hissey
Director, Digital Marketing and Social Engagement: Ann Lamore
Senior Manager, Digital Marketing and Social Engagement: Emily Moffatt
Coordinator, Digital Marketing and Social Engagements: Fredrick Wilson, Alexa Amato
VP, Consumer Marketing: Kathi Palminteri
Director, Consumer Marketing: Lauren Virone
Manager, Consumer Marketing: Katherine Scimia
Writers: Anna McDonald, Justin Freidus
Production Manager, Promos: Electra Stratigaki
Creative Director, Design Brand Creative: Rebecca Simnowitz
Senior Producer, Design Brand Creative: Lisa Nussbaum
Photo Producer: Katie Zimmerman
Founder/CEO: Gabe Whaley
Head of Client Services: Hannah Anderson
Managing Director: Yvonne Cheng
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